Monday, October 27, 2008


There she is, the beautiful meadow maiden, Hydrangea (so named for her lovely hair). The princesses and I decided that entering into the local scarecrow contest should be a top priority in our homeschooling curriculum this past week, and boy did it pay off. 75 smackeroos was the first prize. Princess Jasmine wants to head straight for the toy store and Princess Clary, well, she wants a puppy. Hmmm. Maybe next spring ....

I bought the Gunne Sax dress a few months back at the second hand store. I saw it and felt compelled to buy it (it does fit me and I thought that the princesses would get a kick out of seeing their mama all decked out like the, um, queen that I am). As I brought the dress to the counter I laughed with the clerk saying that I had no idea where I would wear such a dress. She said, "When you buy something like this, the right event usually appears in your life." I heard her and waited. We were invited to a princess birthday party and I wore it there, but all the while I was thinking, nope this isn't the event that the clerk was talking about. I waited some more, and along came the scarecrow contest which we obviously were destined to win - or as some would say, we manifested the winning of (as some cringe at my grammar).