Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taylor Red Raspberries for Breakfast!

In the middle of July the raspberries begin to bear! About five years ago I planted a row of 12 Taylor Red raspberries and 12 Royalty purple raspberries. Taylor begins bearing about a week before Royalty and are one of the best tasting raspberry. In my college days I worked on a large scale berry farm and tasted many varieties - Taylor is the best, although they are more susceptible to some diseases than other berries. My plot has done great so far.

For some reason the raspberries are not decimated by birds like the uncovered blueberries patch. A bird may fly out of the thick brambles when I arrive to pick, but it is usually just one and takes only a few berries. The blueberries usually have a small flock surrounding them.

There is nothing better for a summer breakfast than cereal with raspberries. My husband and I are both gluten intolerant so what I like is cooked rice cereal with maple syrup, almond milk, and Taylor Reds with the dew still on them.


MrT said...

I like to eat my raspberries best fresh on the rider lawnmower!

julie said...

The way you drive that lawn mower, that would be called fast food. This is a slow food blog. But you are still welcome any time.

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to the newest post to your blog! I check every day.